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Since 1994 BBR Karting has been in karting and is one of the best teams/coaches in the World based in Vancouver, BC. Start driving from 5 years old and up.

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Tony Kart 401R

Introducing the best chassis in the World. Win races with the 2019 Tony Kart 401R setup by BBR Karting. $6,399.00 Canadian

Frequently asked questions

1How do I join Team BBR?
We welcome all new drivers who want to develop, work hard, have fun and improve their results. Becoming a champion is a process and it takes time. BBR provides everything you need to achieve your goals. Send us an email and we will create a tailored package for driver coaching as well as discuss a schedule that works for you.
2Why choose BBR?
BBR has been in the sport since 1994. We have traveled the World competing at almost every kind of event. That knowledge followed with a passion that started at the age of 10 is what has led us and our team to winning Club, Regional, National, FWT, COA, SKUSA Pro Tour, Rotax Grand Final Championships. Our passion is helping drivers develop and we use the latest in technology and have made driving a science and that is why we are successful. Building Better Racers.
3How can I get driver coaching and how much?
We provide 1 on 1 coaching with drivers at Greg Moore Raceway in Chilliwack BC. It costs $500 a day and we are on track from 9am-5pm. Now some cases where customers fly in we can provide arrive and drive packages based on the classes they race currently. We will take care of the details, all you need is your suit and helmet.
4What chassis do you use?
Theres only two karts that we sell becuse they are the best. Tony Kart for Junior and Senior. PDB Cadet for Micro and Mini. We are specialized in tuning these chassis and carry all the parts needed. Stick with the World Championship brands. You cant go wrong.
5What series do you compete in 2019?
2019 Schedule Click the link above to see our current schedule. Join our team and come race with us in Western Canada. Not ready to race yet get driver training. Book a private session today.

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