2014 Rotax Grand Finals Day 3 Gallery

2014 Rotax Grand Finals

Once again of the most famous photos in karting took place this morning, as the karts were distributed to the drivers. 4 Rows of 72 brand new karts is an amazing site to see. Sting Ray got his brand new Sodi, and Bryce the new S7 Birel. The team went straight to work and got the seats installed and karts setup. Did some inspection of the sealed carb and found out some more information on them.

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2014 Rotax Grand Finals Day 2 Gallery

2014-11-22 at 10-22-36_tonemapped

Today we went into Valencia and walked around city center. Had a nice lunch outside. At around 2:00 the stores started to close, so we decided to head out to the track to check it out for the first time. For the first time all the carbs are sealed, so you can not open up the float bowl. That’s a big change in the rules.

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2014 Rotax Grand Finals Valencia Tour Day 1

2014-11-21 at 06-50-49_tonemapped

Day 1 of our trip at the 2014 Rotax Grand Finals in Valencia.

We went out to see as much as we could in Valencia, taste the food, stop at a local market. Went and saw the Holy Grail. City Of the Arts And Science. Valencia Cathedral.

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Tillett Racing Seats Factory Tour And Custom Rib Protector

letting the fiberglass cure

Tillett Racing Seats are the leaders in the karting world when it comes to seats. Probably couldn’t count how many World Championships they have won in the last 30 years. My first Tillett seat that I got was in 1997 and we have been using them ever since. With our team now, there is only one seat we use now and that is the T11 and different stiffness’s.  They are the best seats in the World, and most comfortable too.

Tillet is l...

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2014 Rotax Pan Am Gallery

2014-10-16 at 18-58-47_to1nemapped

2014 Rotax Pan Am Challenge in Mooresville, North Carolina. Sting Ray Robb and Kellen Ritter competed in Junior. Bryce Choquer was supposed to compete in Senior but withdrew from an injury. Instead of posting action track shots, and photos, this gallery is of some of the cool places we stopped at along the way and during the event. You have to have fun, and enjoy this journey. The boys got to take in a private tour of a top Nascar team, we did some top secret testing in a wind tunnel. Went to a local game farm to feed some animals including giraffe, zebras and other animals. We truly have the best team and family environment. Enjoy.

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2014 Rotax Can Am Gallery


The 2014 Rotax/Pro Kart Challenge has come to an end, finishing the last round at Greg Moore Raceway. Here are a few photos from our friends at Canadian Karting News. We are super proud of the team, with Edward Portz finishing 2nd in the Minimax Championship. Sting Ray Robb qualified for the Rotax Grand Finals in Junior. Bryce Choquer ended up 3rd in the Championship even though he didn’t compete in the last round.

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28 podiums. 11 Poles. 9 Wins. 2 Tickets. One Team.


Over the past two months BBR Karting has had an amazing journey travelling through North America competing for various Championships at nationals and international events. The stats speak for themselves which included, traveling over 9,100 km’s, on the road for 43 days, competing at the rotax Summer Shootout, Rotax Can Am, Western Canadian Championship, US Nationals, and the team did not disappoint with a total of 28 podiums, 9 wins, 11 poles including the US Rotax Nationals Super Pole, 2 championships and 2 tickets to the Rotax Grand Finals.

photo 4Bryce Choquer – Rtx Senior – Team Canada

Bryce has become one of the top drivers in North America in Rotax getting on the podium at every event he competed in. Bryce took home 3rd at the Rotax Summer Shoot out. The following weekend he took the win and points lead in the Western Canadian Championship. Although Bryce suffered a major rib injury he had to take as much time off as possible and did extensive therapy. In the final round Bryce was still in pain, but managed to finish on the podium and gain enough points to represent Team Canada in Spain. Bryce finished 6th at the 2010 Rotax Grand Finals, and has full intention to repeat a top 10 finish in Spain.

Sting Ray Robb – ...

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2014 US Rotax Grand Nationals Gallery

Sting Ray Robb Won Junior MAX Superpole

It was an awesome weekend for Team BBR. Everyone had amazing speed and were consistently in the top 10. Sting Ray led the way with getting Super Pole in Rotax Junior. Jonathon Portz qualified 4th in Micro. It was his first time at Nationals. In the finals we didn’t have the luck we needed with a few crashes taking place in Junior and in Micro taking both Sting Ray Robb and Jonathon Portz out of contention. However Edward Portz had one of the most bad A@@ drives I have seen starting from 26th to finish 6th in the final in Mini Max. What an unbelievable drive. Heres a few photos from the weekend. Photos by Ken Johnson

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2014 Rotax Can Am Prokart Round 3 Gallery

Kellen Ritter

BBR Karting headed to the 3rd round of the Rotax Prokart Can Am Challenge. The team did awesome. Kellen Ritter scored his first top five finish of the year in Rotax Junior. It was so exciting for him and a huge accomplishment. Bryce Choquer finished 2nd in Senior on Saturday, and Sting Ray Robb finished 2nd both days in Junior. Edward Portz finished 3rd in Minimax.

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2014 Rotax Summer Shoot Out Gallery


The Rotax Summer Shoot Out is a prep race for the 2014 US Rotax Grand Nationals. Everyone did awesome, and we collected the data and worked on driving for our return trip in less then a months time. Here are a few pictures from our awesome weekend. Check out the photo gallery.

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