Mojo Tires Are Coming To Western Canada

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Mojo Tires Are Coming To Western Canada

We are proud to announce that Rotax/Mojo have partnered with us and WCKC to bring the Mojo Tire brand to Western Canada. Mojo Tires will be utilized in the upcoming 2019 Western Canadian Karting Championship.

Now lets talk tires. The way I see it Mojo came onto the scene in the mid 2000’s. It was to replace at the time Bridgestone YGK tires that we were using could run 52.00. The Mojo D1 was a harder tire. On a good day we would run 52.70 at GMR. However, racers complained about the lack of grip but the longevity was much greater. Fast forward to 2008 they brought out the D2 which was a big step with more grip. However the balance was off. The D2 tires for senior in the rear just didn’t provide the same grip as the front. These issues with tires always had racers looking at the other side of the fence and fair enough.

2018 Rotax made a break through with the D5 tire that they had been developing for the last couple years. The D5 has great balance, which in my opinion is one of the most important components to a proper tire. It also has way more grip. Last but not least the tires last 150+ laps with less then 3 tenths of a drop. I think its important to recognize that tires are the most consumable item and to have to replace a set of tires every day like the Vega Purple is just not sustainable to the racers.

We finally have a tire that will perform, is fast and can do 150+ laps. Townes Allen in fall (cold) testing before 2018 Grand Finals was doing 51.7 at GMR at like lap 120.

Racers need a tire that is affordable. It can run 200 laps and have good balance even until the end. At the end of the day maybe a MG Yellow is 3 tenths faster, but lets be honest. Who really cares when the MG Yellow driver will be putting on a new set of tires at the end of the day and your going to drive the next day on the same tires. Take that to the bank.

We are proud to bring the Mojo Tires to Western Canada and feel it is the cost effective solution to making karting more affordable to families. Rotax and Mojo have been very committed the last three years in building a equal, reliable, cost effective platform and its the best choice on the market today.

WCKC is in charge of the dealer network and tire distribution. We have worked with each dealer from Vancouver to Winnipeg to set them up and make sure they have everything they need to supply their customers with Mojos. In 2019 and moving forward we will be using the D5 in all senior classes and the D2 for cadet and junior classes.

The future for Western Canada looks bright. For the first time we will have tire distribution here on the West Coast which drastically brings the costs down to the dealer, and ultimately to the racer. BBR as a dealer of all the different brands of tires and running various series the biggest cost is shipping. Typically tires take up to five days currently to come from back east and very expensive to ship. Now dealers will be able to get tires within 24 hours.

Blake Choquer
BBR Karting Inc.

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