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BBR OTK Brake Pads 2.0


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From 2008 to 2014 BBR was using OTK karts as their chassis. (Tony Kart, FA, Kosmic). In that time frame and as you may know the brake pads on the OTK karts work pretty good, but the pads don’t last. Well let me tell you we went through a lot of pads. Hundreds of sets. We would go through 1-3 sets of pads and paying $72.00 USD a set. To be honest OTK is a genius in the fact they are selling thousands of pads a year.

Can you build a better pad, that lasts longer and has the same stopping capabilities.  The answer is YES!

We set out and did just that. Bryce Choquer and Sting Ray Robb tested around 12 different compounds to find the best feel, stopping power and reliability.

We are now happy to introduce the BBR Brake Pads 2.0 . Now here is the best part. The BBR pads will last what we figure 4X longer then an original set of OTK pads. That is a savings of $190.00. And the stopping power of the BBR pads is amazing.

Once you use the BBR pads you will never go back to anything else.

For BS5 & BS6 brakes. Chassis from 2008 to current

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