Everyday at the track with World Champion coach, Blake Choquer is the equivalent to a years worth of practice. The day startes at 9:00 and Blake will work with you building your foundation of technique. As you progress we will continue onto more advanced skills. Locations include Greg Moore Raceway, Chilliwack and Calgary Kart Club. Call (604) 783-6474 to book your days. Many drivers will book three consecutive days, and it is the most effective when it comes to training, and being able to go through each process properly.

BBR Team Services

Monthly Kart Storage - No need for a truck or trailer. Just show up to the track. $60
Full Kart Service & Cleaning - Get your kart completely dissasembled, cleaned and race prepped for the next race. $250
Sniper Front End Alignment $30
Dissmount And Mount New Set Of Tires $20
Driving Simulator Coaching $75hr


BC Official Rotax Certififed Service Rebuild. Since 2004. Price varies. $500-1500.
Chassis straightening. Free Inspection. $120-180
Seat Installation. 2 Hours $150.00
Kart Overhaul. Tare Down, Rebuild, Factory Build. 275.00
Kart/Engine Diagnostics $75.00 an Hour