Blake Choquer is one of the best driving coaches in the World. With 27 years in the sport having competed at the highest levels he has the tools and coaching experience to make you faster. Blake takes karting and breaks it down into a science. Starting from the basics, techniques and mental mindset and slowly transitioning to more advanced. If your starting out or a experienced driver Blake can help bring your skills to the next level. The day starts at 9:30 and our day finishes at 5:00.

Our driver training sessions will be at Greg Moore Raceway, Chilliwack, EDKRA, Edmonton and Calgary Kart Club. Call (604) 783-6474 to book your days. Many drivers will book three consecutive days, and it is the most effective when it comes to training, and being able to go through each process properly.

Areas covered will include:
- Mental: judgment, focus, situational awareness, and minimizing errors
- Cognitive: going faster, learning the line, data analysis, and finding the limit
- Physical: techniques for accelerating, braking, cornering, and car rotation
- Kart Control: Kart dynamics, weight transfer, balance, and managing under and oversteer
- Track: circuit analysis to learn the line, prioritizing corners, braking points, and corner entry and exit

Each driver will be interviewed to adapt the program to their specific goals. To maximize the potential of each driver, we assess strengths and weaknesses and work on bringing all aspects of the person into their prime to become a well prepared, focused, confident, and fast driver.

Race craft is one of the most important aspects of karting. What better way to learn then to practice with your coach. Blake will drive to teach passing, starts, defending and how to attack on starts. The 1 on 1 training sessions are super valuable and is just one of the reasons why our coaching program is one of the best.

We employ a wide variety of techniques including visualization, classroom instruction, use of simulators outside of the track, on track exercises. If you are renting a kart we provide team prepped racing karts equipped with advanced video and data capture and analysis. If you are bringing your own equipment we will help with technical support and tuning to maximize your equipments performance.

Call us to discuss how we can best serve you with your driving objectives so we can make you a focused, prepared driver equipped with the necessary mental and physical skills to achieve high-level success in your driving and/or racing.

Blake Choquer - (604) 783-6474

Karting Programs

BBR Karting is the premier racing and driving school in Vancouver. Your day at the track starts at 10 am with a training course and safety meeting. After we hit the track with 5-6 sessions of full speed wheel to wheel action.
1 Day or 2 Day Packages
1 Hour Of Driving Per Day

Rotax 2 Cycle Kart. 130 km/h 1.8g. The ultimate supercar.
Available For Ages 8 and Up.

All Safety Gear Provided. We have everything you need.
Select A Date That Works For You.


1 Day Coaching Program



10 Day Coaching Program


Blake was my coach from when I started racing at 8. He is one of the best coaches I ever had in my career. We had such a great time together winning many big races and travelling the World.

Sting Ray Robb, Indy Lights Driver

Heading into the US Nationals our goal was to be at the top. With the coaching and experienced kart tuning by Blake we won the Rotax US Nationals.

Phil Arscott

Blake is the best coach. I wouldn't be the Rotax World Champion if it wasn't for all of his support and coaching. 2016 Rotax World Champion

Diego Laroque



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