Welcome to the ultimate driving experience. I want you to imagine what it would feel like to drive a F1 car for a second. Are you getting excited? A day at the track with BBR will bring that exact feeling. We have no speed limits, Were not going to control your kart. Its just you. Human and Machine. Experience 1.8 g's in corners that are full speed. Amazing grip levels from super sticky tires. Your Porsche or Ferrari will feel slow after this experience.

Karting Programs

BBR Karting is the premier racing and driving school in Vancouver. Your day at the track starts at 10 am with a training course and safety meeting. After we hit the track with 5-6 sessions of full speed wheel to wheel action.
1 Day or 2 Day Packages
1 Hour Of Driving Per Day

Rotax 2 Cycle Kart. 130 km/h 1.8g. The ultimate supercar.
Available For Ages 8 and Up.

All Safety Gear Provided. We have everything you need.
Select A Date That Works For You.


1 Day Karting Program



2 Day Karting Performance Program


What an awesome day. Thanks for arranging this. BE 2021
Michael found his new passion. He loves cars. CM 2020
I thought my Type R was fast. The cornering speeds is very impressive. TS 2020
I am 5 seconds off the top guy? I am going to need to come back and practice. NP 2020
What a great day. It's cheap for how many laps I got vs. a car track day. RF 2020


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