Looking for the best power possible in your Rotax Max engine? Not confident with the current power or unsure?

Blake Choquer who has been building kart engines since 1997 is one of the most experienced engine builders in karting. Each engine undergoes a specific process that utilized the highest quality of tooling and Blakes’s vast knowledge of experience creates an engine that is race ready and setup for each specific customer. When I give a customer their engine I am proud of my work and they know that its the absolute best it can be. The results speak for themselves.

When a customer sends an engine or engines the first thing we do is strip them down. Every single piece. Each piece is cleaned thoroughly. Its not necessarily a performance advantage but it gives your old engine that fresh new look. It speaks volumes on our attention to detail.

The bottom end is assembled to our specifications. Balancing the connecting rod and ensuring all the clearances are correct on the bottom end ensuring a nice loose and balanced bottom end. Which allows the engine to spool up faster, minimize vibrations which ultimately cause more ware.

The final assembly of a freshly honed cylinder and reed cage provides the proper compression and port timing required for each class of engine. Once the engine is fully assembled we will focus our efforts on external parts including carbs, power valve and exhaust.

When an engine is completely setup and ready to go it will head to the dyno. Where we will first establish a baseline run on one of our engines. Then we will test our new engine for comparison. This gives us certification of where we are at with power. From here we have the ability to test components in searching for peak performance.

BBR Superpower Shop Equipment
Clean Room Assembly
Superflow Dynamometer
Inertia Dyno with Dynomite Software
Sunnen Horizontal Hone
Mitotoyo Crank Balancer
Ultrasonic Cleaners
Hydraulic Press
Miller Mig & Tig Welders
Haas CNC Mill
Hass CNC Lathe

Engine Build Time ($90 an hour)
6-8 Hours

Dyno Time ($130.00 an hour)
1 Hours
2-6 Hours (Depending On extra Parts Testing)

Parts On Builds are extra. We can build a brand new engine or rebuild your current engine.

Each build is customized. Feel free to give me a call and we can make a game plan based on your goals and requirements. In a perfect world you would have multiple engines that we can build and test. Mix components to find the best performing parts. Rotax has done a very good job the last 5 years in quality control and the window for major performance gains has disappeared. But testing parts ensures we have the best.

Once your Superpower S3 Build is complete and you are using it. Let’s say you have Nationals coming up. You can easily send it to us and we will put it on the Dyno to ensure it is at peak power. If it isn’t we will contact you and discuss the game plan to bring it back up to speed. Rotax engines are super reliable with minimal power drop off. So verifying we are at peak power ensures you are ready to go for your next big event.

Any questions please feel free to give me a call on my cell. (604) 783-6474 or email [email protected]


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