A Note From Blake:

Comes with the following, which is not included with the camera. Our kit is ready to go.
Data hub and charging cable
RAM Mount

I have been using cameras since the early 2000’s on karts. In the last 10 years we have been using the latest cameras from GoPro, Garmin, Contour, Icon, etc. They work fine. All have their strengths and weaknesses. But let me tell you why the new Smarty Cam is the way to go. For three reasons. First and foremost the data overlay is amazing. You can see your exact lap times on the actual lap, if you have a brake senor or throttle it will light up when your on the peddle. It is the best tool I have for driver training. Now heres the next part. I have through accidents or broken mounts wrecked, 1 Garmin Virb, 1 Contour HD, GoPro 2, Gopro 3 Black, Gopro original in kart accidents. $250-$400 cameras in the garbage can. When I bought my Smarty Cam not going to lie, I was nervous having a $1000.00 camera on my kart. And sure enough it got ripped off the kart and destroyed the lens. I simply gave it to Aim support and they fixed the camera for under $50.00. It is nice to know you have the support that when a camera of this value breaks that you can get it repaired. This reason alone is why I will only use the Smarty Cam. Because trust me, the consumer action cameras are toys when compared to the Smarty Cam. Do you know how many sessions we have missed because a driver or mechanic forgot to turn the camera on. Never again will this happen. With auto start and stop it starts to record the moment the rpm hits a certain value. This feature is so nice.

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