A Program built for 5-7 years old.

Welcome to the BBR Performance Kid Kart Program. This is an introduction into Motorsports with safety in mind. The karts will be restricted as this may be the first time your child has ever driven. As they build confidence we can adjust the karts.

Day starts at 10:00 when we discuss the track and driving techniques in our classroom session.

You will receive a total of 40 minutes of seat time. 4 Sessions at 10 minutes each. For beginners this is ample enough time. G forces on your body especially kids can get tiring.

Coaching options are available after their third day of driving. Please contact Blake for more details.

The Kid kart program is designed to bring new kids into the sport and to have fun. Let them experience driving just like their favourite F1 drivers.

Here at BBR we have a graduation program that when a driver gets under 1:30.00 they can participate at our club races.

The track is 1.2 km high speed sweeping corners located in Chilliwack. Greg Moore Raceway

We provide all of your safety gear. Just show up.

Includes fuel and track entry. Does not include damage.

Any questions call Blake (604) 783-6474 or [email protected]


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