Science of Driving is the ultimate DVD for karting and there is nothing in the karting world today that goes into so much detail about the driving process. If your looking for 1 tenth or 3 seconds this DVD is for you!!

 The DVD is packed full of techniques, class room instruction, real video demonstration from 4 tracks around the world. The video focuses on three essential components: (110 minutes long)

Mental Preparation
-Goal Setting
-Confidence / focus
-Practice makes perfect

Driving Technique
-threshold braking
-Trail Brake / Trail Acceleration
-Apex Points
-Turn in Points / Smooth Hands
-Where you should be looking
– 90 degree, hairpin, chicane, open/ closed radius, combo corners.
-Starts of a race

Physical Fitness

-Instructed by Trevor Kine (personal Trainer)
-15 minute long workout
-Core muscles in stomach Workout
-#1 workout for your arms. Trains exactly the muscles we use in karting.



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